Kid Thinks He’s Found A Balloon And Tosses It To His Aunt…NOPE, IT WASNT A BALLOON

After reading this story of a young kid finding what he thought was a balloon at his aunt’s house you will NEVER look at balloons the same again. Actually, this might not change your vision of balloons because what the kid found wasn’t a balloon at all, it was a used condom. And the story, well, it ends with the kid accidentally giving his aunt a facial and he still can’t look her in the eyes to this day.

While reading this I want you to just thank your lucky stars and stripes that this has NEVER happened to you, and next time you see a balloon on the ground just leave it there for a snake to choke on instead of picking it up and risking something like this happening to you….

TIFU by giving my aunt a facial by Cyberkingz

So this happened about 12 years ago but the memory hasnt faded away. I was about 6 years old. My parents were going away for the weekend so they decided to drop me of at my aunt and uncles place. My aunt and uncle had just recently gotten married
So on a fine sunday morning a young and dumb 6 year old me gets up and goes to the bathroom, from the corner of my eye i see what looks like a balloon to me. The detective inside me wants to investigate what this ballonish looking thing is. What I didnt realise at the time was, that the balloon looking thing was a used condom. My uncle had tied it up and thrown it in the corner. So a 6 year old me picks it up and throws it. The condom went flying and hit the wall SPLAT. I was fascinated by this new toy. So I picked it up, went out to the the living room where my aunt was watching TV. And at the top of my lungs I scream “AUNTY… CATCH”. The condom fell right onto her face. I see this look horrified look on my aunts face
Years later I realsied what I had done. Still cant look my aunt in the eyes

NOPE. This is when you just find yourself a new family. Six-years-old or not, pack your bags and head for the next town. Thanksgiving will never be the same. Christmas will never be the same. COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT AUNT ASKING YOU TO PASS THE GRAVY AT THE THANKSGIVING DINNER TABLE?!?!? The shame is too much. It’s much better to just cut your losses and find some new relatives.

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