There’s A Tinder For Stoners And Of Course It’s Called ‘High There’

by 4 years ago

Looking for that special someone to get blazed with, then pass out and forget to have sex? There’s an app for that. Like-minded tokers can meet on a new app called “High There.”

High There’s interface is much like Tinder where you swipe through profiles to find someone to connect with. Once you find your weed-loving partner you can message them with the app’s built-in chat.

But it’s not all about looks and who has the biggest blunt in their profile picture. You must enter information for your profile that tells intimate details on how you get your high to your possible romantic love interest. Users can specify whether they smoke, eat, or vaporize their weed to optimize compatibility.

You also can specify your “energy level when using cannabis.” This allows you to notify your possibly marijuana bae whether you’re looking for”Low,” Medium,” or “High” activities. You know it’s “Low.”

The startup is of course based in mile-high Denver, Colorado, but it is currently only available in the 23 states where marijuana is already legal, decriminalized or available for medicinal usage. The company plans to bring the app to new states and and other countries as they change their weed laws.

This Weed Harmony dating service is the brainchild of Todd Mitchem. He said he created High There after his matches on dating sites were put off that he was a pot smoker.

Mitchem told Mashable:

“We wanted to build a cool piece of technology that solved the problem of where do million and millions of cannabis consumers go to meet people, connect with people and build relationships. A lot of people say we’re the Tinder of weed, but that’s only one facet of the whole thing. It’s so much bigger.”

Mitchem stressed that the site isn’t just for fucking, but has various possibilities including helping cancer patients meet other users of medical marijuana.

Sorry iPhone potheads, right now it’s only available for Android, but an iOS version is on the way.


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