Tinder Adds Verified Accounts. Leaves Us All Hopeful We Match With An Actual Celebrity

When I first took this job at BroBible, my mom, no joke, asked, “Is that the site that posts all that stuff about the Tinder?” I told her that, yes, we post shit about Tinder, and that I would proudly talk about how the overused “dating” app has changed the world of one-night stands.

So, mom, this one’s for you—as weird as that sounds.

For all of us who use the ‘der, it can be difficult to decipher what accounts are real and if chicks who say they’re someone, actually are whom they claim to be, as us dudes need to battle porn bots, ridiculous messages about, “wanting to have sex with complete strangers,” and photos of girls who look like they might be someone famous, but we’re not totally sure.

With more than a few celebs and athletes opening up about their usage of the app, it leads many of us common folks hoping that we, one day, can get lucky enough to match up with those famous people, believing that we have what it takes to get them to a restaurant, swoon them and see where things go from there.

In fact, living in Seattle, I once matched with U.S. women’s soccer babe Sydney Leroux a couple years ago, which caused me to take a screenshot of her pics, send it to a couple buddies and honestly think that I was going to make her Mrs. Dimengo. By the time I had completed my not-so humble brag, I paused, overthought what my icebreaker should be and actually sent, “Hey… don’t I know you? ;)”

So how’d that go for me? No reply for about 12 hours, unmatched by the 13th hour. Good job, Nick.

Whether or not it was actually Sydney, I may never know—until now. That’s because Tinder has just recently announced that they’re joining other major sites like Twitter and Facebook who verify that these people are who they claim, adding a little checked box for “notable public figures.”

After briefly hinting at moving towards this last year, it has finally come to fruition, leaving all of us hopeful that we’ll be arm-in-arm with a celebrity soon enough.

Of course, does this make me any more or less inclined to just swipe right on every hot chick I see anyway, probably not. But at the very least, it may lead me to landing on the cover of National Enquirer with some ratchet-ass actress while walking out of a Starbucks together, so there’s that.

Go get ’em, guys!