Today In NOPE! Australian Bro Finds A Spider Living Inside His Scar From Appendix Surgery

Ever just feel like something’s living inside you? Me either! But that terrifying situation is exactly what happened to this Aussie Bro on vacation. 21-year-old Dylan Thomas — not that drunk Welsh poet who killed himself with whiskey shots NYC — was chillin’ in Bali when he discovered a bite on a scar from his recent appendix removal. He went to the doctor, who told him it was just an insect bite. OH, WAS IT. The red trail started growing and turning into gross blisters that burned like crazy, which was DEFINITELY NOT NORMAL.

See, there was spider burrowed and living inside the scar, causing all that pain.

YEP. NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN. Here’s a video report via NT News:

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