Tomi Lahren Delivered A Scolding Hot Take On Walking Into ‘The Daily Show’ Lions Den

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Last week conservative Internet talk show sensation Tomi Lahren went on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. As someone who enjoys studying rhetoric, the result was a master class on punditry. Say what you want about either of them, they both stuck to their guns and pushed something that feels lost in modern political conversations on both sides of the spectrum: Discourse, dialogue, reasoning, listening, debating, civility.

With a trip to New York City, America’s media capital, Tomi Lahren’s legend grew, culminating in a New York Times profile published Sunday morning. In case you doubted it, Tomi is actually real as fuck, too:

She does not call herself spiritual — “Spiritual sounds like you worship the grass,” she joked — but said she believes in God and prays every night and when she runs, often asking “to be a better person.” But she also blasted organized religion as being “about hierarchy, power, control and greed.” Minutes later, she said, “The institution of religion is important.” She is pro-choice and does not object to gay marriage.

She curses regularly, and professes to love junk food and the rappers Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar. She enjoys argument as sport and, as evidenced by her appearance with Mr. Noah, can be a talented sparring partner.

She testified to her authenticity — “People like me because I’m real” — but said of Mr. Noah and herself, “We both know that we have to play these parts.” She mocks liberal “snowflakes” as being overly sensitive to name-calling, but says she is bothered when people use the word “retard.”

Back at work for The Blaze in Dallas, Tomi went scorched earth about her The Daily Show experience, calling out a number of double standards from the heckling behavior of the left-leaning crowd.

Zeroing in at coastal elites who refuse to hear her viewpoints, she has the mic drop of all mic drops.

“I don’t care what you think of me. Consider your bubble burst.”

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Peep the take above.

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