Did a Tourist in Spain Blow 24 Men for a Bottle of Champagne?

Well… this was bound to happen in the digital age. Apparently, in the Spanish resort town of Magaluf, in Majorca, there is a practice known as “mamading,” wherein women at clubs and bars can perform blowjobs for free drinks.

Now, video has surfaced of a British tourist performing the act on 24 men as a DJ eggs her on. That video, which you are TOTALLY not going to click on because that’s wrong, can be accessed here. It involves some almost comically bad censoring from the Spanish news organization.

According to the Daily Mail, the prize for two dozen peenies in the mouth? A bottle of Cava. Spanish champagne. The spoils of which the victor may have been too drunk to enjoy.

The paper also reported that young Britons taking part in the bar crawl had been plied with unlimited free alcohol for more than four hours before the video was shot.

Yea, well duh. That’s not a thing most of us do sober. The mayor has ordered a police investigation.

[Via Gawker]