Watch As Idiot Tourists Knowingly Swim And Mess With Endangered American Crocodiles In The Wild

It’s always difficult to tell if a daredevil has huge balls or an infant-sized brain and this video, whereby tourists willingly go swimming with endangered american crocodiles, is no different. WHY DON’T YOU FEAR AND RESPECT THIS FUCKING BEAST? Why, goddammit?

It’s not like they’re at a petting zoo and the environment is controlled. This is the animal’s home you’re jumping into. His face isn’t closed with duct tape. HE WILL MURDER YOU, YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but I was hoping something bad happened. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, because I don’t really care either way. If a person is stupid enough to see this video and be encouraged by it, earth doesn’t need that person anyway. So swim your fucking hearts out, folks. Go wild. And if/when a croc bites your dick off, send us the video, because we’ll take all the traffic we can get.