That Town Where the Chick Blew 24 Dudes For Some Free Champs Is Making Some New Laws

“There is an end to everything, to good things as well.” — Geoffrey Chaucer, 1374

The Spanish resort town of Magaluf recently made international news when video surfaced of a woman on a bar crawl sucking 24 dicks in exchange for some free Spanish sparkling wine.

Unfortunately for dudes looking to get a quick wet slob from an intoxicated stranger and spendthrift ladies of the night, the mayor of Calvia (where Magaluf is located) is imposing some new laws regarding bar crawls.

‘Companies operating pub crawls in Calvia now have to apply for a licence through the town hall.

‘They have to prove their responsibility and show that they have the appropriate civil insurances in place.

‘Each pub crawl guide will have to wear a specific jacket so local police can monitor those operating in the region and identify those that have been approved. ‘Pub crawl groups can now not exceed more than 50 people and if any operators exceed this legal capacity, they will be fined.’

Meanwhile, the owner of the company who operated the bar crawl the woman was on was all like you guys go fuck yourself and that girl’s a slut, my company’s awesome.

Paul Smith, from London, who runs Carnage Magalluf, defended his pub crawls saying that he had no ‘moral responsibility’ for the British woman’s actions – and said she should be spoken to by her parents.

‘I can’t say that my reps encouraged that as that’s not what happened. She should be spoken to by her parents. It’s something to do with her upbringing.’

Asked whether he felt any responsibility, Smith told 5 News: ‘I’ve no moral responsibility for this – I wasn’t even fully aware of it at the time.

‘The girl involved even bought a ticket for the following night’s Carnage tour. Carnage didn’t encourage her, so why should I apologise?’

Strong stance, dude who operates bar crawls for a living and definitely bangs underage drunk chicks on the side (I speculate).