Town Sheriff AKA King Of YOLO Violates His Probation AGAIN So He Can Have Meth Sex With Younger Dudes

Everybody’s looking at this the wrong way. You think being sent to jail is a punishment for this guy? Guys, he’s trading meth FOR sex with dudes, not the other way around. Violating probation and getting sent to jail where nubile young stallions roam free behind barbed wire fences was probably his goal this entire time.

“A judge on Thursday sentenced a former Colorado sheriff to 15 months in prison for repeatedly violating his probation in a meth-for-sex case… Patrick Sullivan was sentenced two years after pleading guilty to plying young men with methamphetamine in exchange for sexual favors. The 71-year-old was once named the nation’s top sheriff…”

If “top sheriff” means “on top of young boys” sheriff, then I’d say that’s pretty accurate. This dude’s been in multiple rehab programs, served a few stints in prison, and literally ALL he has to do to NOT go to jail is exchange meth for sex. If he was 40 years younger he’d know Craigslists’ sole purpose on the Internet is for people to post dick pics to get laid. Hell, just cut out the meth part and get laid and it’s all good. It’s that easy.

“‘I have a drug problem, and I have had a drug problem for some time,’ Sullivan said in court on Thursday, apologizing before Judge William Sylvester issued his sentence. ‘I have only myself to blame.'”

Via Daily Mail

Well, at least he’s identified half of the problem. #Winning.