Ever Wanted To Annoy 30 People Or More At Once? Watch And Learn From This Guy Starting A Dance Party On A Train


Every morning I ride the subway on the way to work, and anytime something like this happens I quickly dig around in my bag to see if I have any sort of knife or pointy object so I can quickly and effortlessly kill myself to escape from these “morning people.” You know what people want to do when riding the train? Sit quietly and read a book or listen to music. No one boards a train and thinks to themselves “Wow, you know what’d be great? A sober dance party with a bunch of random strangers!” Somehow this guy was able to find the ONE train car with people who were willing to dance around like goons on crack, but go ahead and do this in any other place and you’ll have successfully pissed off upwards of 30 people. Congrats!