Kid Captures Insane Video Of A Train Coming Inches From Demolishing A School Bus Full Of Students

This incident went down in a suburb of The Woodlands, just outside of Houston, Texas. The school bus driver was reportedly later fired for this, and as you’ll see in a moment things were inches away from being a LOT worse than just losing a job, a whole bunch of Klein Oak High School students nearly lost their lives.

Seriously, this train couldn’t have passed any closer to the school bus without there being some sort of contact…right?

The description of this video on YouTube is killing me a little bit:

We were on tracks with the train a couple feet away😂 Like really we almost died. Ion this bus driver crazy bro😂

Does this really seem like the appropriate time to use multiple smiley face emojis? If you’re the high schooler who filmed the video, Beatriz Alvarez, did you seriously just go through a near death experience only to describe the most profound moment of you life using two emojis???? I guess kids are gonna kid, right?

Also, I’d just like to send a special shout out to the dude sitting in that little seat in the back left of the bus who had ZERO fucks to give as that train was passing so close to the bus he could probably feel the floor shaking. Nerves of steel, veins of ice and all that.

[h/t r/videos]

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