Dude Ruins His $100K Maserati And Gets Arrested By Painting It To Look Like The Cop Car From ‘Transformers’

You know what color my $100K Maserati would be if I had one? Angry red. Because that’s the color my face turns when I read about stupid faktardz like this guy who decided to ruin a beautiful car with stoopid “Durr im an deeseptikon” bullshit all over the side.

“A Braintree man will be going to court to explain why he decorated his Maserati sports car to look like a police cruiser.

Braintree Deputy Police Chief Wayne Foster said the as-yet unidentified town resident was summoned for a clerk magistrate hearing in Quincy District Court after a patrol officer stopped him in Braintree Square over the weekend.

Foster said the car ‘was made to look like a police cruiser,’ with the body painted black and white, a police-style shield on the doors, and decals for 911, K-9 and speed enforcement. He said the only thing the car didn’t have was police-style blue lights on the top.

But Foster also noted that the Maserati’s police-style shield decorations said ‘Decepticons punish and enslave,’ rather than the usual police motto ‘protect and serve.’”

Via Patriot Ledger

Before I say the following, know that it’s from the deepest, darkest, most lower-level residing depths of my heart where I bottle and push down all of my negative emotions that would incite me to go on a murderous rampage if they ever escaped: I fucking hate you, Braintree man. I. Fucking. Hate you.

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