The Trump Administration’s First Press Briefing Was Extremely Trumpian And It Ignited A Firestorm On Twitter Over Crowd Sizes

by 3 years ago

The Trump administration’s fist official press briefing will not be held until Monday, but that didn’t stop White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Sean Spicer from making an impromptu press conference where he scolded members of the media and launched Twitter hashtags.

President Trump, as well as the mainstream media, seem to be consumed by the number of people at Friday’s inauguration. Many media outlets featured stories comparing Trump’s inauguration crowds to Obama’s inauguration crowds.

Then during his speech to the CIA on Saturday afternoon, President Trump said this of the inauguration crowds:

“We had something like a million and a half people. It went all the way back to the Washington Monument. Then I turn on the media and they say we had 250,000 people. That’s not bad. But it’s a lie… We caught them. We caught them in a lie, and it was a beauty.”

There are no official numbers for the crowds at President Trump’s inauguration, but early estimates indicate that there were definitely not a million or a million and half people at the inauguration on Friday.

Since 1981 (The first year the inauguration was held on the west side of the Capitol), Barack Obama holds the record for the biggest crowds at an inauguration with 1.8 million people attending in 2009. The Park Service has said that it “firmly” believes that Obama had the largest crowd ever to the National Mall. Obama is also the second runner up with 1 million attending his 2013 inauguration. Bill Clinton garnered an audience of 800,000 in 1993 and George W. Bush had 300,000 back in 2001.

Trump, who is extremely sensitive about anyone mocking the size of anything of his, had Sean Spicer chastise the media for their coverage of the inauguration, especially the crowd size. Spicer tore into the media for their perceived attempt to “lessen enthusiasm” of Trump’s inauguration by showing bad images of the crowd, which he deemed “shameful and wrong.”

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