The TSA Has An Instagram, And It’s Full Of All The Ridiculously Stoopid Weapons People Try To Bring On Planes

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My favorite part of flying on planes is going through the TSA, where the customer service is top-notch and I get to be screamed at by some surly and usually overweight TSA agent who repeatedly opens and closes the battery compartment of my Gameboy Color to make sure it’s not a bomb. Can’t a girl play Pokemon Yellow in peace? Even though my luggage is depressingly empty of anything capable to even disarm a caterpillar, the TSA Instagram is chock full of idiotic weapons that people thought they’d be able to carry onto planes.

SO. MANY. GRENADES. What the fuck sort of activities are you doing on vacation that made you think to yourself “You know what’d help me relax? EXPLOSIVE DEVICES.” What are you, a fucking bob-omb?

Even Batman needs to take the occasional Delta flight. Apparently throwing stars are making a comeback since this horrifying death device got snagged as well…


…along with the world’s most useless knife…


…and a bunch of lipstick tasers. No idea these existed until today, in which case I’m now on the prowl for videos of chicks accidentally tasering themselves in the face because they got their actual lipstick mixed up with these stupid things.


Surprisingly there’s a bunch of knives disguised as everyday objects like this handy-dandy comb-knife, perfect for those of us who feel the need to stab ourselves repeatedly in the head while waiting in line for the TSA to tell us we can’t bring it on a plane…

Oh and for variety we have some casual medieval weaponry that someone tried to bring as a carry-on. Seriously dude? You’re not even trying at that point. Were you just too lazy to throw it out or something?


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