TV Anchor Who Once Said ‘F*ck It, I Quit’ On-Air To Go Sell Weed, Just Got Arrested For Smuggling Weed

A couple of years ago, then Alaskan TV anchor Charlo Greene quit her job on air after giving a report on the efforts to legalize weed in the state, literally dropping the mic and saying, “Fuck it, I quit,” walking off camera, and becoming a full-time pot activist.

Boss move, right? Turns out it might not have been so smart.

Currently running GoGreene, an organization that’s dedicated to promoting diversity in cannabis culture, Greene found out that her instant fame for being awesome quickly backfired, as she was detained at the U.S.-Canada border when customs agents recognized her as the “Fuck it, I quit” lady.

Agents proceeded to search everything she had with her before allowing her into Vancouver, going through her computer, cell phone, luggage, and, yep, even searching her damn dog for any marijuana residue.

According to Greene, the cops did find some residue—but it was at the bottom of her purse and was about as much as a grain of salt.


“I literally mean less residue than there was lint,” Greene said in a statement. “This whole experience has just been really crazy and really disappointing.”

Even with that minimal amount of weed residue, Greene was detained and charged with “suspicion of smuggling marijuana residue,” ultimately being sent back into the States and forced to cancel a bunch of her events, including a stint as the host with Cannabis Culture.

Adding Greene: “It became clear there’s still so much more work to be done, and I plan on returning to help,” she said.

This is all sorts of messed up. While people toke on the reg without consequence, Charlo Greene is getting busted for trying to “smuggle” nothing more than a piece of lint-worth of pot into Canada. Here’s to hoping she gets the support she needs in order to make the difference she seeks.


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