TV Interview Violently Interrupted By Explosion, Flying Manhole Cover

A TV news crew from WGRZ-TV was just doing their job, conducting an interview about an electrical fire underneath a road in Buffalo, New York when BOOM!! FLYING MANHOLE COVER!!

The manhole cover, which probably weighs around 100 pounds, was launched into the air like a nothing more than a bottle rocket. Needless to say the man being interviewed was a bit taken aback, but no so much that he didn’t scream out “HEADS UP! HEADS UP!” repeatedly to warn emergency workers near the scene who may not have realized there was a manhole cover hurtling down towards them from a couple hundred feet in the air.

The only question I have is, this was supposedly the SECOND explosion on the street, so why the hell was anyone conducting interviews there in the first place? Hmm?

Reportedly no one was hurt despite the fact that the manhole cover did appear to land near one person.