Check Out This Smoking Hot TWIN Model Who Maybe Stabbed Her Sister If You Need An Example Of The Crazy/Hot Scale

Via Daily Mail

For those of you who have yet to be uninitiated, the crazy/hot scale is from an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney explains that in order for a girl to be crazy and have it be acceptable, she must be equally hot. Instead of breaking  it down for you, here’s a clip from the episode:

Got it now? Lovely. Now with that in mind, where do you think 22-year-old Croatian model Sara Grkovic, who currently faces an attempted murder charge after allegedly stabbing her identical twin sister, fits on that graph?

A Croatian model has been arrested and faces an attempted murder charge after she allegedly stabbed her identical twin sister because she was believed to be jealous of her relationship with a man they both liked.

Sara Grkovic, 22, and her twin Dajana lived together with their mother in the northern Croatian port city of Rijeka.

Police were called on Saturday night after a violent row in which Sara plunged a kitchen knife into her twin sister leaving her critically injured and fighting for her life.

Via Daily Mail

So yeah, she’s crazy…butttt is she hot enough so that it doesn’t matter? Probably. I don’t know, I’m a girl but honestly if I were a dude I’d put my tongue where her sun doesn’t shine. My best estimate is that she ranks riiight up to the edge of the crazy axis but doesn’t quite hit the required hottness…about where the red circle is:

As if that even matters; it’s not like you’d turn her down even after she chases you through your house with a friggin’ steak knife.

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