Twitter Got Jokes And Memes About Trump Campaign’s Outreach To Millennials

Donald Trump’s campaign wisely created a campaign that highlights how he is a political outsider. This was done in an attempt to appeal to young millennial voters who may have been Bernie Sanders supporters and are now disenfranchised with Hillary Clinton amidst all of her recent scandals.

The newest ad was posted by Donald Trump Jr. and it shows him, his sister Ivanka and his brother Eric.

“This is not a Republican vs Democrat election,” the caption stated. “This is about an insider versus an outsider.” It also had the hashtags #MillennialsForTrump and #StudentsForTrump.

Shortly thereafter, the ad was transformed into a meme featuring “Children of the Corn,” “American Psycho” and “The Purge.”

Only 65 days, 11 hours and 41 minutes until this glorious election.