Two Dudes Share A Pint In The Middle Of A Massive Flood, Prove Climate Change Is No Match For The Power Of Bro



Much has been made about how awful the future will be once the inevitable forces of climate change really kick into high gear.

Flood, famine. Searing heat. Brutal, unlivable winters. Destructive hurricanes, rising oceans. Our sweet, nurturing, loving Earth will become a brutal, desolate hellscape where humanity struggles to survive.

But for all the dire predictions, no one has asked the important question. Will Bros still be able to Bro out in 2100?

If John Kelly and Steve Hoult are any proof, the answer is hell fucking yes.

They didn’t let a little thing like a massive flood get in the way of them having some beers. The two own a beer garden at the Kirkstall Bridge Inn in Leeds, England, and they wanted everyone to know it was open for business, despite chest high waters.

So they hopped outside and had themselves a beer.

At first, the water was only ankle high, but it continued to rise and rise. They stayed and drank and drank.




That is how you Bro no matter what.

[Via Metro]

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