Two Toddlers Rock Out to Korn in Their Car Seats, Which Is Way Too Awesome to Comprehend

Were you the kid in fourth grade who wore ridiculously baggy cargo shorts, loose fitting “Korn” and “Limp Bizkit” t-shirts, and struggled in class because you were too preoccupied with thinking about going home and playing Goldeneye? Did you then proceed to start smoking cigarettes in eigth grade, despise people who played sports, and spend a lot of time on strange internet message boards? Do you now put hot sauce on everything you eat? 

Most likely not. I'm just speculating what happened to some kid who was obsessed with Korn, but moved away after sixth grade. Joined that oh-so elusive “list” of people from your childhood who you have literally no idea what happened to them. They all seemed to like Korn, though. This one's for them. 

[H/T: VVV]