Is Two Years In Prison Fair Punishment For The Woman Who ‘Ripped Her Boyfriend’s Scrotum To Shreds?’

Our system of justice is built on the simple notion that punishments meted out must be in line with the crimes committed. Thusly, we don’t sentence kids who shoplift candy bars from 7-Eleven to death, and serial killers aren’t given six months in county then let back out into the general populace.

Despite the horrific imbalance in sentences created by mandatory minimums, we are generally good at deciding what is fair.

So… I ask you this. Is two years in prison the right amount for the woman who “ripped her boyfriend’s scrotum to shreds.”

On the one hand, no. On the other, fuck no. Part of the reason prison exists is to act as a deterrent. And I want every woman to know that if she wants to tears my balls to pieces, she is going to face some SERIOUS time. Fifteen years.

But two is what Christina Lorena Reber of Indiana got.

According to the Daily Mail, Reber “grabbed hold of [her ex-boyfriend’s] scrotum, dug her fingers in, and began squeezing it as hard as she could causing him incredible pain.”

Ouch. She was apparently upset after having been dumped earlier in the week.

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun the man’s scrotum was left with a long wide tear which had been completely torn loose from his body.

Gah. No. Not cool.

How long do you think she should be sentenced to, Bros? Let’s have it out in the comments.