The 12 Annoying Types Of Stress In Life That You Will Almost Never Be Able To Escape

by 2 years ago
types of stress


“Stress: it’s stressful.”

No, that quote isn’t all that profound, but when you stop and think about it, it’s the damn truth. Something in your life stresses you out (this is natural), but then that stressful thing in turn, turns everything else that’s going on into a stressful event.

You start to do one thing, but then remembering that stressful thing hanging over your head like a black cloud creeps its way back into your mind and now you’re double stressed. Trying to deal with what’s at hand and not completely freak out about whatever the first thing that stressed you out was. It’s really never ending.

Here’s just a few examples of little things that can be the initial cause of stress that ultimately circle back around the beginnings of this nightmarish life catch-22 which thrives on your anxiety-driven life.

When you’re out with somebody and they just start ordering stuff without immediately mentioning to the server that you’re not going to be on the same ticket

How can you honestly enjoy that pitcher of beer not knowing whether or not they will slyly suggest, “Hey if you get this, I’ll get us next time,” only for you to not see them for long enough that they assume you’ve forgotten? You can’t!

When you ask your significant other where they would like to eat and they say, “I don’t know,” so you have to try and remember every restaurant within a 15 mile radius to stimulate their brain cells

Boy howdy, who knew lunch was going to turn into seeing if you could recite the Yellow Pages from memory? Try not to jump off a bridge as they respond to every suggestion with, “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’m not in the mood for that really. What else?”

When you’re driving and other people are also driving

Why, WHY?! Can’t you just drive down a major highway without there being a terrifying amount of traffic that you feel like could turn into a pileup at any moment? Is that too much to ask?!

When your parents try to communicate with you through any medium at all

“Oh God, what do they want? Do I have to answer this phone call? Do they really just want to engage in small talk? How am I supposed to let them know I lost my job?!” Also, don’t read too much into the text reply, “K,” if at all possible.

When you realize that other people probably have preconceived notions about you, then you must try and consider all the possibilities out there about you, thus concluding they’re right and you’re a moron

Yeah, people talk about you, in the same way you talk about them behind their backs. Let that soak in for a moment, then go spiraling downward into a rabbit hole of, “Maybe they’re right and I am an underachieving asshole with no life?” Yep!

When you want to be healthy, but pizza and burgers exist

pizza burgers


Can you eat either of those things without your belt feeling a bit more snug by the end of the meal? Every bite is going to feel like scientific research and that’s no way to enjoy a meal.

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