The 9 Types Of People On Public Transportation That Everyone Hates

by 4 years ago
public transportation


Public transportation sucks for a lot of reasons, but most of all it’s the masses of idiots, douchebags, jerkwads and assholes. There are so many types people to hate when taking public transportation – so many! So won’t you hate them along with us?

The Smelly

Some “smelly” people have a faint scent. These are not the people you find on the bus, train or subway. What I’m talking about is that fetid, ancient, rancid animal fat-coated rotten vegetation smell that makes you want to downgrade to four senses.

The Loud

Make like a monk and shut up til you die obnoxious businessmen making phone calls, people whose music you can clearly hear on their headphones, children of all types, and yes, also wild bro packs on the way back from any sporting, live entertainment, or drinking event. Sorry it had to be said.

People Who Are Standing In Your Way

These people don’t understand that public transportation means everyone around them is likely in a hurry. So these oblivious MF’ers who are standing still on the left side of the escalator, or blocking a doorway without a blessed shred of thought to it need to be tried and prosecuted for their blatant disregard of human decency and consideration.

Transit Employees

Like DMV employees, doctor’s office receptionists and everyone who’s ever served me at Wendy’s (many of) these people hate their jobs and they hate you too. Clearly, they’re an absolute pleasure to be around.

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