Would You Trust This Uber Driver Who Has A Breathalyzer Lock On His Steering Wheel

An observant reader of ours rode home in an Uber recently and noticed his driver had a personal breathalyzer test on his car. He watched and caught him in the act of blowing into it. Here’s the video.

Here’s what Matt had to say.

I thought I had seen it all in my days of using Uber to go places. Then last night my driver had to pickup his interlock device (breathalyzer) and blow into it as he was driving. Seemed pretty Lyft-like. Who’s screening these folks #uber ? Needless to say, the trip was well worth the surge pricing.

Man, I don’t know how I would feel. On the one hand, hey, it’s great that there’s evidence your driver with a history (assuming) of DUIs isn’t drinking. On the other hand, you’d think that getting the requisite number of DUIs (or one of a certain magnitude) that requires a wheel lock would categorically eliminate you from all jobs that put you in a car with other people’s life in your hands.

What do you say, Bros? Would you ride with him?