Uber Drivers Revealed Their Worst Horror Stories And There Are So Many Body Fluids Involved

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Being a Uber driver, much like driving a taxi, has to be a very, uh, unique experience. Picking up random strangers and having to spend even five minutes with one of them sounds like a nightmare to me. But these Uber driver, they experienced real nightmares and not just the awkward social interaction that I am speaking of.

Redditor TheMentalityOfCrows sure picked a good topic for “Ask Reddit” when he or she asked, “Uber drivers, what’s your horror story?”

God bless you, Uber drivers, you’re braver souls than I.

Two guys tried to use me as a getaway car after robbing a bowling alley. They ran away before the cops showed up and as I was pulling up the cops pulled their guns on me and then put me in handcuffs. ~ jewbreast

I am doing this gig for 2 years. I have experienced crazy things. Gay guys has asked to suck my penis. A girl tried to give me a handjob while I was on freeway. Two teenagers got into fight and one was bleeding. The most scary one for me was when a girl passed out at 3 am. It was a 45 mins trip and she gave me a wrong destination before she passed out. When I got there, it was a park. When I looked at her, her bras were showing up. So, there I was at 3 in the morning trying to wake a semi nude girl. I was scared of being a victim of wrong accusations. I had no choice except to call police who showed up in 15 mins. Finally they woke her up and I drove her to her real address. I don’t drive at nights anymore. ~ crodiks

First two weekends of being an Uber driver, I had two pukers. First one and also just my fifth ride ever I picked up a way-too-drunk girl and made it within a half block of her place before she started spewing.

The other was actually an older woman and her husband. She had too much red wine, rested her head back, got the spins and puked in her lap.

First clean-up was pretty gross, second was actually very minimal, but it still sucked. I got compensation from Uber for both, but the second one took FOREVER. ~ jtsnake45

My friend is an Uber driver, he told me a horror story where 2 passengers he had, decided to give road head in the backseat. They also blew some of the load on the seat. Since then my friend has always used seat covers and floor covers. ~ fiftyshadesofsway

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