UGA Bro Comes Up With Genius Response To Home Owner’s Association Saying He Can’t Fly His Bulldogs Flag

Here in America a man should be allowed to fly is flag as long as that flag’s light up at night with a spotlight. That should be the case, but due to obnoxious Home Owner’s Associations throughout the nation many bros are handcuffed when it comes to flying a flag. Case in point is this UGA bro who got a letter from his HOA saying that he was in ‘violation of restriction’ for flying his Bulldogs flag on a day that wasn’t a game day.

You see, his HOA allows for sports flags to be flown at homes during (and only during) game days but the flag must then be taken down. This bro forgot to take his flag down and the HOA came after him, but when they did so they straight up lied to him about the date of the infraction and that’s where things got real. He proceeded to troll the shit out of the home owner’s association, and later he shared that story which you can read right below (via PettyRevenge):

So a while back I was given a UGA Bulldogs flag and a flag pole to mount it on my porch. Our Homeowners association (HOA) restrictions say that sports team flags can only be flown on a day in which the team is playing. My intention was to only fly it on Saturdays when the football team was playing. So I put the flag up on a Saturday the Dawgs were playing but forgot to take it down until Monday. On Friday I get a letter from the HOA stating that I am in violation of the restriction and could be fined. Okay, fair enough, they are correct on this one. I then noticed that the date of observation was on Wednesday. I called and said that couldn’t be true because I took it down on Monday. Instead of admitting her mistake, she lied and said that she had seen it up on Wednesday. Now I was mad.
I printed off a schedule of every sporting event the Bulldogs had in every sport, even club sports and then proceeded to fly the flag every single day there was any kind of game, match, regatta, etc., which was almost every single day.
I then started getting letters stating I was in violation again. I would call on each one and explain that the water polo team had a match, or the rowing team had a regatta on those days. After about a month or two of this back and forth, they finally gave up.

Ha, suck it:

1. Don’t lie simply for the sake of lying.
2. When you’re caught in a lie don’t double down and stick with your lies.
3. NEVER fuck with a man on game day.

This bro handled his situation as appropriately as possible, total win all around.