The Ultimate Roller Coaster In England Has Added Decapitating Deers To Its Thrill Ride

The patrons of the Lightwater Valley theme park in England probably didn’t think that they’d be seeing a deer get decapitated when they stepped on The Ultimate roller coaster the other day, but unfortunately that’s exactly what they got. Wow, it really is “The Ultimate.”

“We can confirm a young deer did unfortunately get hit by the Ultimate train yesterday and was killed instantly,” a park spokesperson told the York Press.

“A couple of visitors on the train did have spots of blood on their clothing, but no visitors commented about the incident on the day other than to show concern for the deer,” a park spokesperson told the Ripon Gazette, adding, “No passengers were injured in the incident.” (source)

The good news? The people who run the park at least shut the ride down for about 30 minutes after the beheading. Seems like a reasonable amount of time…

For reference, here’s a POV video of what it’s like to ride The Ultimate (sans decapitated deer heads)…

H/T HuffPo