Scuba Diver Films Trippy Earthquake Underwater And This Looks Like An Acid Flashback

This SCUBA diver happened to have the camera running while a minor earthquake struck near Mabini in The Philippines. Filming an earthquake from dry land isn’t very interesting. All you are going to see when filming an earthquake from your kitchen is shaky camera footage and an overturned pepper grinder. Filming underwater, though, that’s where you are going to see some cool footage because it shakes all of the sand and sediment right off the ground.

I’ve only ever experienced one earthquake in my life. It was on a Sunday, I was hungover as balls, and trying to sleep that off. I remember waking up and thinking there was a bulldozer driving on the street outside and that was odd because it was a Sunday, but I was too hungover to care. It wasn’t until hours later when I flipped on the TV and realized I’d slept through an earthquake that it occurred to me it wasn’t a bulldozer at all.

I share all that because I want to note that even though I have almost zero experience with earthquakes I’m still pretty fascinated by them. When I won the Yale Book Award back in H.S. they actually gave me a movie on earthquakes and geology instead of a book, which in hindsight makes me question what it is they thought about me as a reader, but that was forever ago and I’ll choose not to dwell on that.

[h/t DailyMail]

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