Here’s Some Salacious Trivia About Underwear So You Have Something To Talk About On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, wine, and underwear. That’s why Tommy John, an industry leader in high end men’s underwear, put together this crazy list of underwear trivia for you bros. This way when you’re out on Valentine’s Day drinking wine and eating chocolate with some dime piece you have something to talk about.

These random ass trivia facts also have the added benefit of being about underwear, which depending on how you bring it up can actually set the mood on Valentine’s Day and get your conversations headed in the right direction. I’m not suggesting you lead with ‘did you know that 6% of guys go commando?’ but at the same time I’m not suggesting you don’t lead with that, because it might get that person sitting across the table from you thinking…Now for the most amount of underwear trivia you’ve ever seen in your life.

— 90 percent of men will save their special underwear for non-work related events – with only 10 percent reporting they need their lucky underwear for an important work meeting.
— More than 40 percent of men surveyed say they actually have a “special pair” of underwear they wear — for date night (like Valentine’s Day).
— Another 40 percent of men wear their special pair for “luck” (which could be date night!!)
10 percent save them for a big sporting event – and another 10 percent for work meetings

— Despite industry statistics that say women buy the lion’s share of men’s underwear, 77 percent of those polled say they purchase their own.
— 14 percent say their partner does the buying – and close to 10 percent still count on mom or their mother-in-law for their undergarments.

— Nearly 50 percent of men surveyed say cotton briefs
— 44 percent go all out with designer underwear, polka dots — even super hero themed underwear
— And under 10 percent are still hanging on to their faded tighty whities.

— More than 80 percent love their boxers – with a third of this group opting for the loose variety.
— Tighty whities held their own at 13 percent
— And 6 percent of men prefer nothing at all!
— When it comes to the flap, 60 percent of men like to go up and over while 40 percent use the fly (but report trouble with it).
— In fact, 56 percent of men who believe the biggest issue with men’s underwear is ease of access, feel that they have to zig zag themselves out of a maze to use the bathroom.

— According to the survey, only 33 percent of men ages 18-29 wait until their underwear starts sagging to replace, compared to nearly 45 percent of males ages 45-59 years old.
— Time to ditch the tighty whities, guys! Today, 20 percent of males 45-59 years old still prefer tighty whities over boxer briefs or boxer shorts. Compared to 5 percent of men ages 18-29 year olds who prefer them.

— 70 percent of men vote for comfort over style
— Close to 40 percent of those polled say their undergarments are the most uncomfortable clothing they wear, with accessories coming in 2nd at 31 percent (ties and belts), pants 3rd at 23 percent, and shirts at 10 percent

Again, this all came from a survey ran by men’s underwear manufacturer Tommy John, a clothier you bros should really familiarize yourselves with so click that link to see what’s out there!