15 Completely Unethical Ways People Have Admitted To Saving Money

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unethical ways save money


While we don’t condone saving money by doing anything unethical, you can’t help but admire the creativity that it takes to pull things like that off.

So naturally I was curious when I saw a question over on “Ask Reddit” asking “what’s an unethical way you save money?”

These fit right in with the loopholes people shared awhile back as well as some of the genius, perhaps illegal, lifehacks we also learned about over there.

People, they sure are a sneaky bunch.

Here are some of the most interesting responses…

I work downtown in a city where monthly parking is easily $150+ per spot. My wife and I both have to drive due to schedules, so it would be double that.

Found out that the casino downtown here gives you free parking daily if you bet $10….so we go and play roulette daily….she bets $10 on red and i bet $10 black and each ask for our parking validation. One of us always wins (which doubles one of the $10 bets)….so we get our $20 back…boom…free parking.

There has been the odd time it has hit 0. In that case we each just lose $5 each and parking costs us $10 total for the day. ~ Rovert1980

I pretend I’m gay.

The gym I go to charges 50 bucks less if you register as a couple and not as a single. I don’t have an SO so my best male friend and I registered as a gay couple. The first day, the manager almost asked us to make out to prove it. He decided it was homophobic so he stopped. When we come in he’s always staring while we use the machines together, like he wants to catch us doing something sexual. ~ swissco

I buy my movie tickets at the automated kiosks in the theater but I select the senior citizen’s price. Spoiler alert: I am not a senior citizen.

The high school kid ripping tickets always gives a slight pause, and then decides it’s not worth the hassle to call me out on it. ~ IAmTheModernMan

I ask to go to a particular convention every year that I don’t care for so that I can vacation on the companies dime in that city. ~ SamsChub

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