University of New Hampshire Just Made History And Started Up The Nation’s First Beer Brewing Minor

Goddamn, dreams do come true fellas. University of New Hampshire is embracing the micro/home/indie-brew-crazed times and for the first time in the history of higher education, offering its students the opportunity to minor in brewing to qualify as able candidates for the beer brewing industry’s growing workforce demand.

The University’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, P.T. Vasudevan informed the press that the new program provides students the kind of high-caliber beer brewing education that’ll give them the chance as graduates to apply to any of 50 breweries in New Hampshire alone.

Marc Sedam, the managing director of UNHInnovation, came forward to express his outright enthusiasm over University of New Hampshire’s disruptive move saying that the school’s decision to bridge the gap between the beer brewing industry universities to leverage cutting edge resources will really help the industry as a whole in the ling r and , “the beer industry is not only a strong economic force in the state, but an emerging cultural and creative force as well. This effort supports the beer industry in the near- and long-term and connects the industry to the intellectual and business resources and facilities at UNH.” Both the beer brewing testing lab and pilot plant are on track to open in early 2017.