US Map Shows Which Political Topics Are Searched The Most By Each State

Estately is back with another fascinating map of the United States for us to ponder and digest. This time they’re hitting us with a look at what political topics each state searches for the most on Google.

Here’s how they did it…

To do this we used Google Trends to measure, which states over the past 12 months had the most searches for a variety of political topics, including candidates, issues, news sources, political organizations, parties, and more.

The results, as you can see below, are rather interesting.

Go figure that people in Montana are checking out the Department of Justice, those rebels. Virginians apparently like to keep it simple by just searching for “politics.” But even that is a step up from Oklahoma where there were no political searches in which their state was the highest ranked. Boomer Sooner!

Check out the entire study, including what other political topics each state also searched for over the past 12 months over at Estately.

Man using laptop image by Shutterstock