This U.S. Marine Started A GoFundMe So People Can Help Send Him To Hunt ISIS

This is Philip Aaron Bonnie. And according to a reader email, Bonnie is a U.S. Marine who he needs our help so he can go over to Norther Iraq and fight — NAY, HUNT — ISIS. “This is a buddy of my roommate. He is a badass and a good dude. He actually is going to fight ISIS – crazy fucker, but believes in freedom for all, no matter who.”

Crazy fucker, indeed. Brave, courageous, noble, but fucking crazy nonetheless. Or maybe that’s just how it seems to lesser men, such as myself.

So yeah, Bonnie is going to hunt ISIS and he’s looking to raise $7,000 to help pay for his trip and gear. He has set up a GoFundMe account and included this message…

I believe that the innocent have a right to survive. I saw the tyrannical thumb dictating through fear while I was in the marines in Fallujah for the surge with 2/6 weapons company and even more so while I was a military contractor back in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. I believe that people from all races, all nationalities, have a right for freedom, a right to dictate their own lives ,a right to live without fear, a right to not be subjugated to the iron rule of sharia if they choose not to. I believe in the humanity of mankind to fight against oppression and torture; both mentally and physically. I believe in the right to choose. With all my heart, I swear, I will make a difference. I need help raising the funds to get me to northern Iraq to go fight with the Peshawar in northern Iraq or Kurdistan against Isis. I have already been accepted and approved through the project FRAME. Your funding goes to my gear, and plane ticket that’s it. I’m tired of hearing about true evil without making a difference. Boots on ground July 14.

Godspeed, Bro.

At time of publication, Philip Aaron Bonnie has only raised $101 in his quest to hunt ISIS. GO HERE to help him reach his goal of $7,000.