Truck Driver Kidnapped Multiple Women And Made Them Slaves On His ‘Twilight Express’ Cruise Across The Nation

Timothy Jay Vafeades’s rig was named the ‘Twilight Express,’ something that his female passengers were probably not too aware of before boarding the semi for much longer than expected. The truck driver has now been charged with kidnapping and illegal sexual activity against one woman, alongside more allegations of having done this to at least four other women.

Vafeades eventually struck a plea deal and plead guilty to the illegal sexual activity charges, with the kidnapping charges being dropped as a result.

The woman who brought about the initial charges was under the impression that the two were going to dinner, but once having board the semi, Vafeades stated ‘they were not going to dinner and that she was going on the road with him for a week or more.’ The woman survived various forms of abuse at the hands of the midnight truck driver. More can be read here.

[H/T The Washington Post]