Hahaha New Study Finds Idiot Vapers Are Still Messing Up Their Lungs

My stance on people who vape has always been this.

“You could also not vape.”

Like to anyone that vapes or wants to vape or is thinking about taking up vaping or loves vaping, you could also not vape.

Which to me, is the logical choice. Everyone should not vape.

But people do, predominantly to quit cigarettes. That I support! But then you should also quit vaping after you quit smoking.

Because, cool as it looks (and it looks SO COOL, seriously, how many ladies have you boned since you took up vaping, 1,000?), it turns out vaping is terrible for you, too.

And not just because you look like a loser. From The American Physiological Society:

A team of researchers adds its findings to others that suggest nicotine in any form is damaging to lungs.

Researchers wrote, “We investigated if nicotine, one of the hundreds of molecules present in [cigarette smoke] extracts, is sufficient to alter lung endothelial barrier function by affecting cytoskeletal regulation,” which is the cell’s internal matrix that supports cell shape and function.

“Nicotine has dose-dependent deleterious pulmonary effects that result in loss of lung endothelial barrier function, acute lung inflammation and decreased lung endothelial cell proliferation,” they wrote. The effects of nicotine were seen both in cigarette smoke and in e-cig solutions that contained nicotine.

Those endothelial cells are what keep bad shit from going into your body (that’s about as much as I could dumb it down). So like… supes important.

But what about just sucking down on a pen looking thing that contains water vapor and no nicotine? Makes the ladies wild and doesn’t hurt my lungs, right?


Interestingly, nicotine-free e-cig solutions were also found to include lung-harming substances, such as acrolein. This substance, which is present in both e-cig solution and vapor, has been shown to damage the lungs by attacking the molecules that hold endothelial cells together.

Vaping hasn’t been around long enough to determine what if any negative effects it can have over time on your lungs, but the data in the study was enough to make researchers state that “Whereas studies of long-term effects await further investigations, these results caution that e-cigarette inhalation may be associated with adverse effects on lung health.”

So, like I said. Don’t vape. It’s that simple.