Vegas Man Arrested For Threatening To ‘F*ck America In The Ass,’ Which Is BS, Because Sodomy Is Legal In Nevada


Although, technically, the law states that anal sex between adults must be consensual, and I guess the whole of America didn’t acquiesce to this one man’s deserve to butt fuck us all.

I know I sure didn’t.

Tyrone Paul Ponthieux also threatened to shoot the president and members of Congress, which probably contributed to his indictment in court this week.

Ponthieux wrote on Facebook:

I think we all need to get our guns and shoot all of these out of control congressmen and senators and Obama! Any survivors, hang them, then try their dead bodies for High Treason! Then after they hang in the streets for a week, run over them then to the tree chipper to finish the job and use them for fertilizer for all of Monsantos GMO bullshit, then feed it to the Monsanto fucktards and do the process over and over and over again until they all get fucking regurgitated by this fucktard earth of ours! FUCK EVERYONE WHO SITS ON THEIR FUCKING ASSES AND DO NOTHING ABOUT OUR PRESENT SITUATION! FUCK AMERICA IN THE ASS!”

“[W]ho has the nutts with me to start WW3 right here in Vegas, and letit pour all over this fucking globe of ours?”

He also allegedly attempted to acquire ammonium nitrate, the same type of fertilizer used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

You can’t do.

Ponthieux was charged with “one felony count of threatening the life of the president and one count of threatening to assault, kidnap and murder other unnamed federal officials.”

Looks like he didn’t have the “nutts” either.

[Via Raw Story]