Video Shows Cop Brutally Slamming Sorority Girl Face-First Into Pavement

A video of a cop brutally slamming a Colorado State University sorority girl face-first into the ground. The incident, which happened on Thursday, April 6, shows the moment that a Fort Collins Police slams Michaella Surat onto the pavement.

Officers were dispatched to the Bondi Beach Bar after a fight broke out between two men, one of which was Surat’s boyfriend. Surat allegedly “shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer and then pulled her boyfriend from the area.”

According to Kate Kimble, a Fort Collins police spokeswoman, Surat, who is 5’9″ and 115 lbs, reportedly “physically obstructed and struck an officer.” The officer used “standard arrest control” to subdue her, Kimble said.

The video is incomplete and does not show the entire altercation. But the incident was also captured on body-worn cameras, which will not be released at this time because of the pending investigation.

Surat, who is a junior at Colorado State University, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and obstructing a police officer. She posted her $1,750 bond and is due in court on Wednesday.

The use of force will be reviewed by a supervisor, Kimble told The Coloradoan.


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