Video Shows Women Reject Guys WAY HARSHER When Hit On Than When Guys Reject Women

The folks over at Whatever decided try do another one of those “social experiments” pitting what women do against what guys do. This time they had a man go up to random women just innocently trying to say hello and meet them. Then they had a woman do the same thing with men.

The guy was met with some seriously stiff resistance. I believe a “fuck off” was even uttered.

Meanwhile, the woman was told very nicely by the guys that they weren’t interested. In fact, compliments were overflowing in their attempts to not hurt her feelings.

Of course, none of this should really come as a surprise, should it? Women get hit on all the time, while guys, at least in my experience, almost never do. So the fact that women, who have trained for years to rebuff men they don’t know, have little tolerance for such things is not that shocking.

Still, it’s pretty funny to watch both sides’ reactions be such polar opposites.