New, Super Virulent Strain of HIV Hits Russia

According to the Huffington Post, researchers in Siberia have discovered a very serious strain of HIV that can spread much more rapidly through a population. 

Announcing their discovery on Oct. 16, researchers at Novosibirk's Koltsovo science city say the HIV subtype, known as 02_AG/A, may be the most virulent form of HIV in the country… The HIV variant is believed to be capable of spreading at a much faster rate than subtype A(I), which, according to researchers, is Russia's current leading HIV strain.

In fact, in Novosibirk, it already accounts for half of all new HIV infections.

It's only been found in Russia, so far, so it sounds like we are safe. But now probably would be the time to start wearing condoms and using clean needles. For safety's sake.  

[H/T @HuffPostLive]
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