Overwhelming Amount Of Voters Believe Both Presidential Candidates Stink, Majority Say Clinton Did Something Illegal

It’s official, Americans are completely underwhelmed by the two main presidential candidates. A new Marist Poll shows just how much voters don’t like either option for the next President of the United States.

In a survey of 1,587 adults conducted November 1-3, it found that 83% of likely voters believe that Hillary Clinton “did something wrong.” A slight majority of 51% said the Democratic presidential candidate “did something illegal,” stemming from the WikiLeaks hack, FBI investigation, and email scandal. There are 32% who said she “did something unethical but not illegal” and a mere 14% said she’s “done nothing wrong.” The survey found that 61% of voters said that Hillary’s accusations would make a difference in how they vote.

Donald Trump did not do much better in the poll as 79% said the Republican presidential candidate “did something wrong.” There were 26% who believe he’s “done something illegal” and 53% think he’s “done something unethical but not illegal.” Only 17% say he’s “done nothing wrong.” There were 55% of those polled who said the accusations against Trump would make a difference in how they vote.

Even supporters from their own parties believe they are not great candidates. There were 58% of Republicans who said Trump “acted unethically” and 55% of Democrats who said Clinton “acted unethically.”

The polls found that Clinton, who once had a commanding lead in the polls, now only has 44% support edging Trump’s 43%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has 6% and the Green Party’s Jill Stein has 2%.

The American voter does not see either candidate in a favorable light. Trump has an unprecedented 61% unfavorability rating and Clinton is nearly as deplorable with 57% unfavorable rating.

This truly is a race between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.