There’s A New Synthetic Opiate That’s 10,000 Stronger Than Morphine And It Just Hit North America

I’ve never done morphine, but from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty chill. So you’ve gotta imagine something that’s 10,000 stronger is 10,000 times more chill. Like I can’t imagine you could even get off the couch. Possibly because you’d be dead.

The new drug is called W-18, and police in Calgary have seized pills containing it for the first time ever. From the CBC:

Calgary police say a new drug 100 times more toxic than fentanyl is likely available on city streets.

Police seized a single sample of W-18 late last year, said Staff Sgt. Jason Walker.

“And I can guarantee you, there’s got to be more out there. We just haven’t seen it yet.”

Police are worried that the drug could be added to fentanyl pills and cause accidental overdoses. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine, which makes W-18 crazy strong.

Calgary, like many U.S. cities, is currently experiencing an opiate epidemic.

According to Alberta Health Services, there were 213 deaths fentanyl related deaths in Alberta in 2015. Seventy-four of those deaths occurred in Calgary between January and September of last year.

Police told VICE that the new drug is most likely coming from China.

“We believe W-18 would be coming from China,” Martin Schiavetta, Staff Sergeant with the Calgary Police Service Drug Unit, told VICE. “Certainly organized crime is behind the importation of fentanyl, and I would make the connection that W-18 would be the same.”

Man. I would like to try this stuff, but I would also like to not get addicted and or accidentally die. What a quandary.

[Via Huffington Post]