Kid Wakes To Find His Arm In A Cast And This Probably Isn’t The Reaction People Usually Have In This Situation

Walker busted his arm. Unfortunately, the break required an arm cast that runs from his hand all the way past his elbow. He’s probably going to have to wear that red menace for at least six to eight weeks.

I fractured my leg in high school. It sucked. Between the garbage bag covering during showers, the itching underneath that you can never reach and eventual stink from an unwashed body part, casts are about as much fun as being audited.

How does Walker feel about the situation? He’s freaking pumped!

Obviously, Walker is a little loopy on some pain meds or the kid is really into body armor. Little does he know once the drugs wear off that cast is going to be the biggest pain in the ass since common core math.

[via MWAB]

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