Want to Know Why Chipotle ALWAYS Asks If You Know Guacamole Is Extra?

It takes a pretty elementary understanding of economics to understand why guacamole costs extra at Chipotle; Avocados are expensive, so having guac extra keeps demand in check and the overall price down for those of us who opt-out of adding it to our ‘rito bowls. That said, why the hell does Chipotle ALWAYS ask if you know that the guac is extra?

Of course I know the guac is extra. I’ve been here at least 1000 times. This isn’t my first goddamn rodeo.

Doesn’t everyone know that the guac is extra?

Like… You can buy “I know guacamole is extra” t-shirts. It’s really a thing! 


Anyway, speaking to Business Insider, someone from Chipotle explained why the ask every single person the question:

“We don’t want customers to be surprised by the added cost, so we tell people whenever they ask for it,” Chris Arnold, director of communications at Chipotle, said. “Not every restaurant charges extra for guac, so there may be customers who expect that we don’t either.”

You can also elect to get guacamole instead of a protein, Arnold said.

While the practice might seem repetitive to loyal customers of Chipotle, the burrito chain doesn’t want to risk alienating customers or catching them off-guard.

If a customer complained about the extra charge at check-out, all the customers behind him would be delayed.

One of life’s most baffling questions has finally been answered. Thank you, Internet.

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