Nothing, And I Mean NOTHING Is As Terrifying As The Footage Of This Dude Excavating A Wasp’s Nest

This video was a goddamn wave of emotions. I clicked it expecting to be freaked the F out, because it’s a video of a man excavating a nest of German Wasps somewhere in New Zealand. The very premise of that is terrifying, wasps are some of the most evil and angry creatures on planet earth. The only reason wasps exist is to be pissed off and sting the shit out of everything they come in contact with. So I click, ready to be freaked out…and then it started really slow.

So I start watching the video at 2x speed, still nothing crazy. Then I jumped ahead to around 1:30, when the man in the protective suit finally breaks through into the nest of German Wasps and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Now I’ll never go near another nest as long as I live, not that I actively go searching for wasps now. I don’t want to hype this up any more though, just watch and see for yourself…Feel free to skip to around the 1:30 mark and be freaked the fuck out:

I mean, what fucking purpose do wasps even serve within the food chain? Seriously, why do wasps exist and why wasn’t have just exterminated them as a species yet? All they do is get pissed off and sting anything within sight, unlike bees (bees are awesome):

[via r/videos]

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