Watch Exes Freak Out When They Swap Their Phones To See Who The Other’s Been Sexting

I hate these videos, hate hate hate HATE them, and do you know why? Because it’s not like anything is really going to come out of these yahoos snoopin’ through each others phones. They’re already broken up. The fuck does it matter that Billy J saw Suzie Q was sending nudes to Johnny P? THEY’RE NOT FUCKING DATING. Plus, anything interesting that could’ve happened in this video obviously doesn’t take place, otherwise this video wouldn’t be on the Internet/sponsored by fucking T-Mobile. Like I wanna see the videos of exes murdering each other when one of them finds out that the other stole $5,000 from a box hidden in the back of their old closet a few years ago, I wanna see Suzie Q chop Billy J’s dick off when she realizes that he was cheating on her with her mother for three out of the four years they were dating. Where’s all that action, huh? But NOPE – “Tee hee glad there’s no photos on my phone!” is what we get instead. Barf.

[Via Elite Daily]