Weed Dealer Accidentally Texts A Teen Customer’s Mom, Makes A Brilliant Save When She Replies Back To Him

Protip: If you give your mom the use of your phone, please make sure to alert your weed dealer to this change.

This is something a 15-year-old named Christian learned the hard way when he switched phones with his mom and did NOT inform his weed dealer.

So when said dealer dropped Christian a little text asking him if he needed bud, it was only thanks to some quick thinking on his part that saved Christian…at least temporarily.


A “Does he need what?” text back was probably not what Christian’s weed dealer was expecting, but his response of “Bud. A buddy. I heard he lonely AF.” was pretty brilliant.

Unfortunately for Christian, his mom eventually did figure out what “bud” meant after asking his sister, according to Mashable.

Sisters… always there to twist the knife, am I right?

Regardless, people on Twitter lauded the dealer for being so smooth in a tricky situation, as they should have…








Yes, we do, Lindsay. Yes, we do.

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