This New App Delivers Weed Right To Your Doorstep, Just Like Pizza

No one likes having to go out and find a dealer. No one. It’s sketchy, plus the whole time you’re talking to this random dude you’ve never met before you’re sitting there praying to every major and minor deity that he’s not a cop. Lucky for us pot heads, two University of Washington students made a new app called Canary, which they describe as “Uber for marijuana.”

“‘The easiest way we say it, is that it’s Uber for marijuana,’ Tullis said. ‘Canary is an on-demand service that allows you to get cannabis delivered right to your doorstep,’ Vakharia said. The app will allow medical-marijuana cardholders to order different strains of pot in different amounts from their favorite dispensaries. The deliveries are then made by a driver.


Despite being only 19 years old, these kids are smart enough to not just offer marijuana delivery, but snacks too. Yep, you can also order food and drinks with the Canary app, meaning you don’t have to get off your couch and drive to the nearest 7-11 just to stare at the chips aisle for 20 minutes before you make a decision.

The app is set to launch next month, and in preparation the founders are currently interviewing drivers from Uber to see who’d be interested in being a weed delivery boy.

[H/T Daily Dot]