Hey, Bro, Wanna Get High? Because This Weed-Infused Chicken Wings Recipe’s About To Blow Your Goddamn Mind

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YouTube / Ruffhouse Studios

For the past 36-hours or so I’ve been seeing how deep Alice’s rabbit hole goes. Ever since I first discovered that weed-infused chicken wings existed in the world I had to know more, and it’s culminated with me finding the video below (actually, that only took about 10 seconds), and a recipe for you bros to make your very own THC-infused chicken wings.

This journey of mine into the underworld of weed-infused hot wings started when I stumbled upon that photo above photo over on Imgur. My mind was blown by the fact that such an amazing concoction could even exist, but then I realized ‘of course it does’, because it’s 2015 and anything/everything you can think of involving weed already exists. From there it was just a matter of time until I tracked down a recipe + this video. If you want to skip the video the recipe’s below.

Weed-Infused Chicken Wings: Recipe & How-To Video

Recipe from the video above (via RuffHouse Studios):

Hopped Up Hot Wings
2 -3 lbs fresh large chicken wings
1/2 cup hot sauce
1/2 cup marijuana butter
vegetable oil for frying (or other oil)
deep fryer with thermometer
* Dry Ranch dressing mix (alternate reverse wings)

Prep wings by removing wing tips and seperating flaps from the drums.
Heat oil to 375 F
Fry wings for 12 mins keeping oil at 375 and seperating wings with metal utensil.
To make sauce, combine 1 part melted cannabutter with 1 part hot sauce and mix well.
Toss wings in hot sauce as needed to coat, scrape remaining sauce from pan over wings and serve hot.

(*For reverse wings, toss wings in dry ranch instead of hot sauce and use the hot sauce for dipping instead.)

I don’t know why, but I’m just completely amazed by the fact that there’s a stoner food out there that’ll both get you high AND cure your case of the munchies. Sure, if you were to keep eating them and eating them eventually your munchies would subside into a marijuana edible-induced slumber, but that’s besides the point. Game days will NEVER be the same with these weed-laced hot wings.

If ANY of you bros decide to make these please send me pics on Twitter, or drop me an email to ‘Cass at brobibledotcom’, because I’d love to do a follow up post to see how these turn out in the real world. Or if any of you bros have first-hand experience with these in the past hit me up down below in the comments and let me know how it went!

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