Seattle’s Officially Getting ‘Weed Vending Machines’, And I’m Just Here Looking Up Flights To Seattle

by 5 years ago

Cass Anderson

Slowly but surely Seattle, and the great state of Washington are embracing their legalization of pot. One such instance of this is a soon-to-be-debuted ‘Weed Vending Machine’, that will operate the same as traditional chips/snacks vending machines, but instead it will serve up heady nuggets and edibles.

Yup, while the rest of the nation (not you Colorado) is still living in the Prohibition Era, Seattle is getting weed vending machines.

Idaho’s KBOI2 reports:

American Green, the company behind the ZaZZZ marijuana machine, says it’s the “first age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary.”

The machine will make its debut on Tuesday, February 3, at Seattle Caregivers.

Marijuana flower, edibles, and other related merchandise will be dispensed from the machine after a customer verifies their age and identity via ID scanner, according to the company.

Last April for the first ever 4/20 in Colorado where pot was legalized, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand how harmonious life can be when the legalization of weed is fully embraced. I jetted on out to Denver for the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup‘, and stayed in Boulder to get in as much hiking as possible whilst still sampling as many strands of buds and edibles as my body could handle.

It was one of the greatest weekends ever, and you can read about it IN FULL HERE. But what made it so great you may ask yourself? Surely I can’t be such a degenerate that the mere presence of legalized weed is enough to make it wonderful, right?

No, I could actually give two shits about smoking or eating weed at any point. I do enjoy it from time to time, but if I was forced to go without it for the rest of my life, well, I’d survive. What made it such a wonderful weekend though was that I had that option, and there was no stigma about it. Nothing about smoking weed once it’s legalized is taboo, it’s just another option in life…In short, it just is.

I’d initially quit smoking pot in college (before returning occasionally) because I hit that wall many smokers encounter where out of nowhere they start to get a lot of anxiety each time they smoke. In hindsight I now know that the anxiety was caused by so many contributing factors I couldn’t name them all here, not least of which was that smoking was both illegal, and there was a stigma attached to stoners. But once that’s removed in the presence of legalization, well, you can get back to simply enjoying the high. You can talk to your ‘Budtender’ and find which weed is best for you.

And while I’m closing out this rant, I want to point you all in the direction of a very important post we published yesterday detailing all of the ‘Marijuana Laws By State‘, for every state in the USA. Make sure you know the laws in your state, because unless you’re living in Colorado or Washington, things are still pretty miserable for smokers.