Popular GPS App Being Blamed For Two Israeli Soldiers Driving Into A West Bank Refugee Camp, Causing Deadly Riot

by 3 years ago

A nightmare unfolded late Monday evening after two Israeli soldiers drove into a West Bank refugee camp, a move that triggered a deadly riot. Though the popular GPS app is denying responsibility the Israeli soldiers are still pointing their fingers, saying it was the popular Waze App that caused them to make a wrong turn into the Palestinian refugee camp.

When all was said and done there one person was left dead and 16 more were injured. Naturally, the Google-owned Waze App is pushing back on the claims by the Israeli soldiers that it was the GPS directions that led them into harm’s way, ultimately inciting the riot that saw molotov cocktails being hurled at their vehicle.

NBC News reports:

The clashes broke out Monday night after the two soldiers accidentally entered the Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, the Israeli Defense Forces said.
A “mob” directed gunfire, rocks and Molotov cocktails at their military vehicle, the IDF said. In a military rescue mission to extract the soldiers, a 22-year-old Palestinian student was killed, four other people were wounded by live ammunition and 12 more were injured by rubber bullets, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.
Israel said five Israeli border police officers were injured. A spokesperson told NBC News that the IDF was aware of reports that one person had been killed but wouldn’t comment further.

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